Product Verification

Dear Customers,

There is a scam happening against our quality products. We are now in position to know all facts regarding this scam that has been executed against our company and our products. Copier duplicate our site’s design and domain name in order to produce products with low quality and dangerous for the user. In addition they managed to send you promotional emails regarding offers and prices.

To reply to your questions and make it clear to you we state the following:

- Our original web site is Only this site can verify authentic products.

- We have never send and we will never send you promotional emails or try to establish contact through email offers since our web site is informational only.

- Our products are made with responsibility to you and always include the best components available.

General European Pharmaceuticals has managed to give you a security tool so you can confirm the authenticity of our products. Our products can be detected by the unique texture anti- counterfeiting sticker (not printed!) on the product’s package. Observing the sticker on each kit is not enough. To fully verify, the unique codes on each product must be inputted to the form below in order to validate it’s 100% authenticity.

Please verify your product before use.

Serial number*:

Scratch code*:

(Instructions for the User) Please enter your Serial number and Scratch code